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Faculty & Staff


Shawn Smith

Associate Professor
Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Director of Bands, Wind Symphony

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Provo, UT 84602

Nate Seamons

Assistant Professor
Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Associate Director of Bands, Symphonic Band

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Fred McInnis

Associate Teaching Professor
Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Director of Athletic Bands, Marching Band, ROC Bands, University Band


Brass Faculty

Brian Blanchard

Assistant Professor
Horn, Brass Division

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Will Kimball

Trombone, Division Coordinator, Brass Division

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Dan Bryce

Assistant Professor
Tuba/Euphonium, Brass Division

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Woodwind Faculty

Geralyn Giovannetti


Chris Smith

Woodwind Division, Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Symphony Orchestra

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Jaren Hinckley

Woodwind Division, Clarinet, Administration, Associate Director: Faculty Advancement

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Benjamin Nichols

Assistant Professor
Woodwind Division, Commercial Music Division, Synthesis, Saxophone

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Christina Castellanos

Assistant Professor
Woodwind Division, Flute

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Percussion Faculty

Matt Coleman

Division Coordinator
Percussion Division

Marching Band Staff

Richard Bateman

Adjunct Faculty
Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Assistant Marching Band Director

Ashlee Taylor

Adjunct Faculty
Marching Band Color Guard, Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles

Emily Fitzpatrick

Adjunct Faculty
Instrumental Conducting & Ensembles, Color Guard Assistant Director